Quality management

Water Engineering Technologies operations are guided  by our Integrated System of Management (ISM). This is modelled on the ISO management systems, which includes ISO 9001:2015 standard for Quality Management.

All our management systems have the same look and feel, to enable greater integration between systems  of different disciplines. The ISM is essentially a set of coordinated processes that cut through all business units.

Our Integrated System of Management:

  • is underpinned by our culture
  • combines people, processes and technology, and
  • supports service delivery.

Our quality management system guides all our people on policies and practices to ensure a systematic approach to service and product quality. This is supported by procedures that describe in detail the practices our employees follow to ensure specific customer and project requirements are met. This includes a comprehensive project management system, engineering design procedures and standard operating procedures.

Our approach has five dimensions:

1.  Quality procedures – a systematic approach to the service quality supported by standardised processes and procedures
2.  Quality work – ensuring we recruit, motivate, train, develop and retain high performing professionals and support staff to substantiate our good reputation
3.  Quality service – providing whatever service is necessary, applied consistently, to meet and exceed expectations
4.  Quality accomplishment – focusing on our customers’ requirements
5.  Quality relationships – interweaving knowledge and trust that is used for our client’s best interests.

We are committed to continuous business improvement.  This includes regular audits of our quality management system, review of effectiveness of the system through customer feedback, internal auditing, product conformance, corrective actions, historical records, and reassessment of risks and risk management. All contracts performed by Water Engineering Technologies are delivered according to the requirements of our Quality Management Framework.