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Maintenance and Repair Services

Dedicated to preventing safety incidents, decreasing costs and improving equipment efficiency.

Organisations with a critical reliance on their water and wastewater infrastructure can count on our large team of licensed, qualified tradespeople and engineers for the continued safe and reliable operation of their assets.

Our preventative maintenance programs will ensure that your assets and equipment perform to specified designed operable condition to achieve its maximum useful design life, while significantly reducing the likelihood of costly equipment failure, expensive repairs and equipment downtime.

Through our preventative maintenance program will ensure that you can:

  • rely on us to record and conduct periodic servicing
  • access priority breakdown services
  • create a maintenance schedule to improve the life of your asset
  • provide condition inspection report periodically
  • access discounted service rates.

Our maintenance team is continuously looking for maintenance improvement opportunities and initiatives toward maintenance excellence by preventing safety incidents, decreasing costs and improving equipment efficiency.

Rapid response breakdown services.

With six workshops located around the state, our teams can mobilise at short notice to rapidly respond to your emergency needs at any time of the day or night.

Moving towards smarter, predictive pump maintenance

We are a leader in the development of smart maintenance systems that improve the prediction of upcoming failures throughout a pump’s life cycle. This allows us to estimate their Remaining Useful Life (RUL) in order to delay, or possibly, avoid repair/replacement.

Smart maintenance delivers three key capabilities for our customers, namely:

1.Near real-time operational surveillance and protection.

2. Enables you to be informed of pump and motor health status when making pump station operation decisions.

3. Condition-based maintenance (CBM).

4. Asset Remaining Useful Life (RUL) Prediction.

Our smart maintenance will deliver condition-monitoring smart technologies combined with reliability engineering techniques and data analytics through machine learning to:

  • increase equipment reliability and availability and performance
  • reduce downtime
  • decrease running costs.