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Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection (CP) systems are used to protect buried and immersed coated mild steel assets from external corrosion within corrosive environments (e.g. soils, water, seawater) and stray current corrosion from DC traction systems i.e. trams. Cathodic protection is an electrochemical process applied to buried or immersed metallic assets to protect them from corrosion, prevent further deterioration, avoid breaks and extend their economic life.

Our cathodic protection services stop external corrosion of buried assets (mainly buried coated mild steel water pipelines) by retrofitting cathodic protection systems to existing pipelines or upgrading/ rehabilitating existing systems.

We can provide a service to maintain your existing system or to install a new system. Our cathodic protection services include:

  • asset life monitoring
  • condition/thickness assessments
  • cathodic protection system upgrades
  • sacrificial and impressed current anode replacement (ground and water)
  • interference testing.

There have been cases of buried assets that have not been adequately protected in the past which has led to failure due to corrosive soil. The mean expected life of coated mild steel concrete lined (MSCL) pipes with cathodic protection is 110 years.