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Water Treatment System

We have extensive experience in the design and construction of ‘plug and play’ water and wastewater treatment systems for both large and small volumes of water that feature advanced coagulation, flocculation, and filtration functionality.

Our pumps ensure the right flow and pressure during the waste removal process, such as booster pumps for membrane filtration or other removal applications.

Chemical Dosing Systems

Together with our supply chain partners, we offer a great range of water and wastewater treatment systems that measure the accurate amount of chemicals at precisely the right time to ensure a safe and stable flocculation. This reduces the amount of chemicals consumed during this process.

Our range of chemical treatment systems deliver accurate metering of chemicals, proven reliability, and easy installation, priming, and calibration.

We supply chemical dosing pumps that are easy to set-up and simple to operate and that can be applied to industrial water treatment processes that require chemical dosing such as CIP, pH adjustment, RO, filtration, and coagulation/flocculation.

We also provide a complete range of sophisticated electronic and electrochemical control systems that provide you complete control of your dosing and disinfection processes.

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