Wastewater network design

As a specialist business unit in SA Water, we perform a critical role in the specification, design, construction, maintenance and refurbishment of wastewater infrastructure and assets for SA Water and our external customers.

Our wastewater expertise team provides our customers with high level wastewater capabilities that drive world class, sustainable outcomes valued by their communities. We achieve this by developing and maintaining system models of wastewater plants to understand environmental considerations, plant capacity, biological treatment requirements and the use of models and other tools to analyse options for infrastructure renewal and upgrades.

Our team brings capabilities together across environmental performance, treatment plant process expertise, engineering, and world-renowned research.

Our wastewater engineering capabilities span the entire asset lifecycle and include all services required for the delivery of turn-key water and wastewater asset and infrastructure solutions. These include:

  • delivery of wastewater treatment process reviews
  • provision of process designs for new treatment plants and upgrades
  • treatment technology specification, selection, design, implementation incorporating physical/chemical, biological treatment, natural process, membranes, disinfection
  • wastewater network infrastructure specification, design, construction and maintenance
  • recycling of effluent for municipal and industrial applications
  • residuals management, including stabilisation and dewatering, hazardous waste
  • environmental, water quality management review and program development
  • odour, air pollution control assessment and design
  • maintenance and ongoing operation.

Wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) audits and process reviews

Our wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) audits and process reviews enable our customers to effectively manage their wastewater infrastructure and assets to industry best practice:

  • identifying gaps and shortfalls in WWTP design and operation that may be limiting plant performance
  • pinpointing opportunities to gain efficiencies, ensure reliability, and improve operability in both the short, middle, and long-term
  • improving information on asset performance and condition
  • defining hydraulic and treatment capacities
  • developing long-term strategy to ensure robustness of WWTP plant from a health and environmental compliance standpoint, as well as service continuity
  • improving control over the operating processes employed at the plant and recommending high level process control changes.