PLC systems

Monitor and control automated processes with ease

Our programmable logic controllers (PLC) possess fast processing speeds and are easy to operate and easy to program. When used in combination with a human machine interface (HMI), they provide operators with easy to understand visual representations of an asset's operation from a screen.

Our PLCs are used to capture extensive data on asset performance and condition.  This can be analysed to determine trends and improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and extend an asset's lifecycle.

Other features, functions and benefits provided by our PLCs include:

  • fast scan times, requiring less operation time to perform tasks
  • improved control over automatic processes
  • interface and communication with SCADA systems
  • increased reliability, flexibility, and accuracy of automated systems
  • a self-diagnostic system that improves fault finding during maintenance.
  • low maintenance requirements
  • small size, especially compact PLC
  • the ability to easily communicate and connect with the computer
  • easy to write and understand programming
  • software that enables easy modification of the existing program at any time