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Water distribution networks

We design, plan, construct and maintain water distribution networks and new water connections. Our services include upgrades to existing systems that enable customers to access excess capacity through new pipelines.

Our team use a range of sophisticated decision support process engineering tools, such as hydraulic modelling and water geographic information systems, to plan locations and routing of reticulation systems, pumping stations, and storage facilities, all while balancing your service priorities against risks and costs.

Manufacture of MSCL pipes

Our engineering services extend to the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of steel, stainless steel and aluminium pipelines and associated structures to the highest standard for any application and use in high pressure, high temperature or chemically aggressive environments.

We possess particular expertise in the fabrication of mild steel cement mortar lined (MSCL) pipes that are used in pipeline systems, pump stations, wastewater, water treatment plants and irrigation systems.

The pipes we manufacture are renowned throughout industry for their long-life in use in both above or below ground applications. Our services extend to our ability to roll our own pipes, tapers and fittings for a range of sizes up to 1800 millimetres in diameter.

Baroota raw water interface project

SA Water’s emergency water supply at Baroota Reservoir had interface connections to the Morgan-Whyalla 1 and 2 major drinking water pipelines. This presented a potential risk of untreated, raw water entering drinking water supply to SA Water's customers. Coordinating three complex major pipeline shutdowns enabled the physical disconnection of the redundant infrastructure with great success. An outcome not only improving SA Water’s trusted water services to our community but also future proofing maintenance with cost reducing outcomes.