Pump repairs

Pump repairs and refurbishment

We can enhance the performance of most brands of water and wastewater pumps and valves and use our knowledge of modern maintenance methods to extend the time between overhauls.

Improvements include:

  • optimising pump station efficiency
  • corrosion and cavitation protection
  • reseating and rebuilding of pump impeller seal rings
  • repair of pump stuffing boxes, neck bushes, shafts and casings
  • rebuilding pump impellers and casings
  • epoxy coating.

The use of epoxy coating and the modification of pump units to accept mechanical seals increases pump efficiencies and assists with the drive to extend overhaul periods.

We only schedule and overhaul after rigorous performance monitoring and where significant efficiency gains and performance reliability improvements can be achieved.

Before releasing a pump back into service, the pump and repaired components are inspected by our condition monitoring engineer for quality assurance purposes. Pumps are then 'wet’ tested and commissioned under normal operating conditions by our team, who monitor it for leaks, unexpected noises, excessive vibration, and high temperatures.

Modern products, methods and processes are constantly being evaluated and utilised in the development of new products. This has seen us increase pump overhaul periods from around two years up to 10 years in some instances.