Electrical services

Specialists in the design and manufacture and maintenance of sophisticated control systems

Our skilled electrical team specialise in the design and manufacture and maintenance of sophisticated control systems incorporating specialised instrumentation, automation, data logging and remote control - for pump stations, water supply and filtration systems, pressure boosting and chemical treatment systems.

Key services include:

  • engineering, design, manufacture and commissioning of new electrical and instrumentation control systems, complete with AutoCad drawings and operational documentation
  • upgrades of existing electrical and instrumentation installations
  • electrical instrumentation installation and calibration services
  • consultancy services to ensure that you select the best system to suit your requirements.

We adhere to our own rigorous technical standards and all relevant AS/NZS standards for the design, supply, installation and testing of low voltage and high voltage electrical equipment.

Switchboards, control/telemetry panels and cubicles housing electrical equipment are constructed in accordance to our own technical standards and AS/NZS 3000 and the AS/NZS 61439 series.

State-of-the-art pump supplies Yorke Peninsula

At Kainton Corner, the booster pump station, in-line with the Upper Paskeville water treatment and water pump station, feeds the entire water distribution network to the south of Yorke Peninsula. Having delivered great performance for decades, the asset had reached the end of its life with civil and structural elements in poor condition, and electrical and mechanical infrastructure in need of upgrade. In late-2019, Water Engineering Technologies was charged with delivering a turnkey pump station solution to replace the aged asset. The scope of works spanned the specification for the new plant, all electrical, mechanical and control works, and construction, operation and maintenance of this essential asset.