Condition monitoring

In contrast to past practices, maintenance management today is a technologically advanced practice drawing on an array of sophisticated techniques and technologies to determine an asset’s condition. For these reasons, we can now better understand how and why assets wear out, how they behave, why they fail, and the ways in which they respond to various operating conditions and environments.

Our reliability and condition monitoring services enable us to keep a watch on asset condition parameters, such as vibration and temperature and pressure, so that signs of asset deterioration, diagnosis of asset degradation or significant changes in asset health can be readily identified.

We use portable analysers to internally sense an asset’s condition – much like a doctor uses a stethoscope, blood test or thermometer to check a person’s inner workings.

The portable analysers enable us to capture data on an assets condition, process and analyse it using an advanced machine health monitoring program to determine the condition of the asset, fault diagnose and fault fix. Vibration analysis techniques are applied in the condition monitoring of rotating equipment such as pumps and motors.

In general, vibration analysis techniques are applied in the condition monitoring of rotating equipment such as pumps and motors.

Our condition monitoring services include:

  • engineering root cause analysis
  • vibration measurement and analysis
  • infrared thermography (mechanical and electrical)
  • oil analysis and tribology
  • laser alignment
  • in-situ dynamic balancing
  • ODS (Operational Deflection Shape analysis)
  • condition inspection using unmanned vehicle technology
  • non-destructive testing (Thickness Measurement, Dye Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Phased Array).

Our advanced condition-based maintenance programs will enable you to assess risk and develop lifecycle costing calculations by determining the most appropriate time to intervene an asset’s deterioration process, and identify the most appropriate intervention solution – repair, rehabilitate or replace.

Our reliability and condition monitoring programs deliver the following key benefits:

  • Increase equipment reliability and availability
  • Save costs – increase pump performance and life
  • Avoid catastrophic' failures by being proactive and predictive with asset maintenance and replacement
  • Reduce mean time to repair through improved root cause analysis
  • Reduce repetitive preventative maintenance work orders
  • Optimise maintenance investment
  • Decrease running costs.

Our condition monitoring services comply with ISO 13379 and ISO 13380.

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