Commercial diving services

Our Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme (ADAS) qualified dive teams have extensive experience working in low visibility and blackwater environments.

With access to a wide range of modern plant and equipment our divers are capable of performing most underwater construction and maintenance work to a depth of 30 metres.

Our capabilities include:

  • drinking water storage condition inspections - tanks and lined water storages
  • drinking water storage cleaning and sediment removal - tanks and lined water storages
  • non-drinking water storage inspections and maintenance
  • fresh water infrastructure inspections and maintenance – locks, weirs, barrages, and water storage
  • water supply infrastructure inspections and maintenance – desalination plants, raw water pump stations
  • ROV (remote operated vehicle) inspections
  • unmanned aerial vehicle AV Drone external asset inspections
  • installation, modification and repair of underwater assets and infrastructure
  • use of battery powered and pneumatic and hydraulic tools, such as grinders, drills, jack hammers, core drills and chain saws
  • underwater thermal lance cutting
  • exothermic cutting - used to cut through steel with 100% oxygen
  • subsea welding
  • subsea  ultrasonic thickness testing
  • pump inlet/screen installation/cleaning
  • investigative work
  • search and salvage retrieval
  • dredging, sand and mud
  • coffer dam installation and sealing.

Our dive systems and equipment include:

  • a 10ft diving container with 110m dive umbilical length. We transport this on the back of our dive crane truck.
  • a dive trailer towed by our Dodge Ram with 110m dive umbilical length (video integrated umbilical)
  • dive vessel with 50m umbilical length
  • subsea lift bags (air bags) with 2 tonne capacity for removing and installing grates and internal access overflows etc.
  • a diver operated dredge and air lift

All diving is in accordance with the dive procedures manual to ensure that work is completed safely and complies with Australian Standards 2815 and 2299.

Video content

Commercial diving at BHP Olympic Dam

We've always known our people will go to any depths to get the job done, and in the case of BHP’s Olympic Dam, our highly skilled diving team are no exception. Water Engineering Technologies’ commercial dive team recently conducted comprehensive visual inspections of its 2.5 megalitre (ML) bore field, 10 ML, 60 ML, 80 ML, 120 ML, 170 ML and 200 ML water storage facilities...