About us

Water Engineering Technologies was first established in 1998 by SA Water to perform a critical role in maintaining the state’s water and wastewater assets and infrastructure. These include: 44 water treatment plants, 28 wastewater treatment plants, 265 water pump stations, near 713 wastewater pump stations, and 27,000 kilometres of water mains.

A specialist business unit in SA Water, we have built on our capabilities and now satisfy considerable market demand for the specification, design, construction and maintenance of water and wastewater infrastructure and assets that include:

  • pump stations
  • electrical controls and instrumentation
  • chemical treatment or dosing systems
  • water storages and filtration systems
  • water, wastewater, and recycled water mains and distribution systems.

Our services span the entire asset lifecycle and include all services required for the delivery of turn-key water and wastewater asset and infrastructure solutions for SA Water, local government and industry.

Many of our core competencies reside in our people. With a capable, highly skilled workforce of more than 200 people encompassing sought after trades, mechanical and electrical engineers, reliability and condition monitoring and project management professionals, our team also includes SA Water’s subject matter  experts.

We deliver our projects through six fully equipped engineering workshops located across the state, using our well-established business management system, and formal, well-established working arrangements with local South Australian subcontractors.

By following the highest technical construction standards, the South Australian Community Wastewater Management System Design Criteria, and the
accompanying Water Services Association of Australia Codes, and by integrating control measures early in the design process, we eliminate or minimise risks to health and safety throughout the life of the asset.

Furthermore, our customers can draw on our complete complement of asset maintenance services to extend the life of their assets and anticipate and reduce incidence of breakdown by implementing best practice maintenance strategies that: reduce risk and maintenance costs, increase reliability and performance, and safeguard  reputation.

Our asset maintenance services range from reactive, breakdown services through to preventative maintenance regimes and the use of conditioning monitoring and predictive maintenance methods and strategies.

We operate with a continuous improvement mindset and principles of excellence in safety, service, technology, and sustainability.